Who can enter?

We encourage everyone to have a go! There are distances for every level of fitness. You can walk/stroll the shorter courses, take your child in a pusher, and have a chat with a friend along the way. The fitter members of the community will want to have a go at the middle distance races and those of you who are experienced runners and train should enjoy the longer events. Run to achieve your personal best or compare with the time you ran last year. Or go for it and race against other participants!

Anyone who participates in the Mallacoota Fun Run (from babes in prams to senior citizens) must pay and be registered.

Why should I enter?

This is Mallacoota’s premier annual event. It is a highly organised event which is already making a name for itself in Far East Gippsland on the South East coast of Australia. It is the only event of its kind located in a most idyllic environment giving participants the chance to experience a beautiful course whilst being part of a friendly community that is raising funds for a local cause. The Mallacoota Fun Run is an annual event for you to return to each year.

How do I enter?

Click on the Yellow Registrations Tab on top left of each page to enter online (which is what we prefer you to do). You may also enter on the day. See Registration page for more details.

How much does it cost to enter?

3km = $5, 5km = $10, 10km = $25, half marathon = $35

What do I get for my entry fee?

  • Professional online registration with electronic acknowledgement and receipt.
  • A well designed and marked course with friendly marshals and volunteers assisting across all aspects of the event.
  • The presence of our local Mallacoota State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers, Mallacoota Ambulance, Mallacoota CFA, Mallacoota Police and Mallacoota Lions Club to assist you if necessary.
  • Drink stations at appropriate intervals.
  • Race bib and timing of your run if entering the half marathon, 10km or 5km events. Note that 5km participants select in or out of being timed when registering.
  • Your name posted on the website race results if you enter a timed event.
  • A chance to win fun prizes.
  • Be part of the Mallacoota community and support the local Pre-School and have a huge amount of fun on the day!

Is my entry fee refundable if I am no longer able to participate?

No. This is a community event organised by volunteers for the local Mallacoota Pre-School and planned according to number of entrants. It is too difficult for our administration to refund anyone who doesn’t participate.

Is my entry fee refundable if fun run organisers have to make the decision to post-pone the event due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e. catastrophic weather conditions?

No. All necessary planning and expenses will have already gone into the fun run. Race organisers will do everything possible to post-pone rather than cancel the fun run.

Where does money raised from this event go?

All profits made are in support of the local Mallacoota Pre-School. See the About Us page and also see the Sponsor Me To Run For Fun post.

How do I get there?

Mallacoota, Victoria is half way between Melbourne and Sydney on the Princes Highway. The Mallacoota Fun Run is staged from Betka Beach, Mallacoota. Take the turn-off from the Princes Highway at Genoa and head into the township of Mallacoota all the way to the village roundabout. Turn right at the roundabout and head South along Betka Road for approximately 3.5km or 5 minutes until you cross the Betka River bridge. The fun run is staged a few hundred metres on from the bridge at Betka Beach and we suggest you locate the nearest parking spot from there. See maps for directions.

Where do I park my vehicle?

The Betka Beach day visitor parking bays immediately adjacent to the beach will be closed to race participants and spectators. Parking is instead available in the day visitor carpark along Betka Road. Parking will also be available along the verge of Betka Road and in the other smaller day visitor parking bays along Betka Road closer towards Betka Bridge. Please be mindful of others by allowing as many vehicles as possible to safely park in all available space close to the event.

Please be careful of pedestrians walking to and from vehicles – particularly children who move quickly yet can be difficult to see from behind cars.

Follow all temporary road signage and changed traffic conditions on the day – particularly speed limits.

Mallacoota Police and volunteer traffic controllers will be assisting this event on the day.

If you wish to cycle to this event to avoid vehicle congestion please note that bicycles are not permitted in the event.

Which roads will be closed to this event and at what times?

Betka Road, Mallacoota will be closed to through traffic from the Tip to Shipwreck Creek between 7am and 12:30pm. The road is accessible to all people wishing to access Betka Beach for the fun run. Please drive slowly due to cars parking on side of road and pedestrians walking from vehicles to the event precinct.

Can I ride my bicycle in the event?

No, this is not a bicycle race. In the interest of safety the Mallacoota Coastal Walk is closed to cyclists during the Mallacoota Fun Run. But please feel free to ride your bicycle to the event and save on fuel and the environment.

Can I bring my dog or other animals?

There is strictly no dogs allowed on the event course or in the event. The Mallacoota Pre-School has received a permit from the East Gippsland Shire Council and Parks Victoria to operate this event and as part of such permits has determined that the Mallacoota Coastal Walk will be closed to domestic animals during the Mallacoota Fun Run.

We advise against bringing your dog to the Betka Beach area on the day of the event due to the food stalls as well as young children wishing to play freely and safely.

It should be noted that dogs are required to be on leash at all times in the area. If you do bring your dog – please clean up after it!

Can I push a child in a pram in the event?

Yes. You can enter yourself and your young child in the 3km or 5km event if you wish to walk/jog with a pram. You must however start at the back of the pack as race participants line up at the start line and be sure to give way to anyone wishing to pass the pram during the race. Keep to the left of the track so others are able to pass you. In some places the track is a little narrower so please be careful if using a double pram as others may not be able to pass you due to the width of the track.

Supervision of children

Sections of the fun run course on the Mallacoota Coastal Walk are near the coastline where there are cliff edges. Please ensure young children, particularly those of pre- and primary school age, are well supervised by an adult when participating in the fun run. At all times all children must remain under the care and responsibility of parents/guardians whether participating in the fun run, playing music in the drumming gazebo, joining in the sandcastle building competition, hanging around the event precinct area, or playing at the beach or on the grass in the Betka picnic area.

What should I bring?

Suitable running/walking attire and footwear, plus a hat, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Don’t forget your swimwear for after the event! Note there are no change rooms at Betka Beach however there are public toilets.

Be Sunsmart

Whether you are entering the fun run, working as a volunteer, being a race spectator, hanging out on the grass in the picnic area, or simply enjoying the river and beach – please be Sunsmart – Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Seek some shade and Slide on some sunglasses.

Will there be an organised warm up before the race?

Yes. Our Mallacoota Pre-school running parents and children will lead the race day warm-up! It should be loads of fun.


What happens if I hurt myself?

Mallacoota Ambulance is kindly supporting this event by providing Ambulance Community Officers and an Ambulance vehicle on the day. They will provide free-of-charge basic first aid to participants, organisers and spectators. If any person needs to be transported by Ambulance to the local Medical Clinic or the nearest Hospital, normal ambulance fees will be applied to the person being transported.

How will I find an event official?

Many volunteer organisations are assisting with this event. You will spot some of them wearing official uniforms. Non-uniformed volunteers are also available to assist you and should clearly stand out wearing fluro vests.

What toilets/ facilities are available at the event?

There is a public toilet in the Betka Beach day visitor area. There are no other toilets along the event course.

Will there be water stations?

Participants in the 5km, 10km and 1/2 marathon events will have water available at regular intervals, namely at Fisherman’s Point and Pebbly Beach.

Please drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Seek assistance from a race official or an Ambulance Officer if you are not feeling well from possible dehydration.

Native flora and fauna

There might be native wildflowers out along various parts of the course and you might be lucky to see some wildlife as well. Remember you will be walking or running along a coast and in forest which is home to a large variety of wildlife. Please respect their habitat. Parks Victoria is one of our sponsors and has more information about this on its website.


We have a variety of snakes (Red-bellied Black, Tiger, Brown for example) who call Mallacoota’s natural environment home. Snakes prefer to get out of your way if given the opportunity. Keep a look out and try to give them space and time to move away if you do come across one alongside or crossing the track.


Bins are available for all litter at Betka Beach and designated water stations in the 5km, 10km and 1/2 marathon events. Please try to throw all drink cups into the bins as you pass water stations and if your aim isn’t accurate throw them on the track immediately after a water station so they are easily found and removed by event marshals.

Will there be food and refreshments available?

The Mallacoota Pre-School will have other refreshments as well as lunch to purchase – this is a fundraising event! Come and join us after the event for lunch on the grass overlooking the glorious Betka River and Beach.

Will my mobile phone have coverage?

You will find that Telstra reception works best along the track however is limited in some areas.

How can I sponsor or support the Mallacoota Fun Run?

Please send us a message via our Contact Us page if you are interested in sponsoring the Mallacoota Fun Run and therefore assisting the Mallacoota Pre-School. Or get in touch if you wish to propose some way you can support the event. See all our Sponsors and Supporters here. We’d love to hear from you!

What is Sponsor Me to Run for Fun?

This is when you try to get as much sponsorship as possible in support of your participation in an event in the fun run. The person with the highest sponsorship wins a prize. See Sponsor Me to Run for Fun.

What will be happening after the event?

The Mallacoota Fun Run is not just a race event – it’s a community event! Once the fun run has finished there will be an awards ceremony. In true Mallacoota style you can also expect some fabulous music and children’s activities. Please enter the “Fur,  Feathers and Fins” Sandcastle Building Competition Come along and enjoy the festivities with good company in our beautiful coastal environment in what is expected to be a great day out.

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