About us

Why a fun run? 

A small group of parents with young children conceived the idea of creating a positive and healthy community event which could involve people of all ages from our youngest (pre-school, primary and secondary school-aged children along with their parents) to our more senior members of the community.

We had visions of an event which fostered and celebrated a wide involvement from many individuals, businesses and services within the community. We also wanted an event that attracted visitors from outside of town to join us in celebrating the wonderful environment and community in which we are fortunate to live. The Mallacoota Fun Run thus came to fruition and became an event aimed at assisting in the annual fundraising efforts of the local Mallacoota Pre-School.

Mallacoota Pre-School

Pre-School was provided in the small community of Mallacoota out of people’s homes for a few years before the existing building on Greer Street was officially opened as the Mallacoota Pre-School in 1979. Today it offers a self-funded early childhood education program for 3-year-old children and a State Government supported early childhood education program for children over 4 years of age. On average the small community of Mallacoota has anywhere between 10 and 20 children attending the pre-School which employs two early childhood educators.

At the Mallacoota Pre-School our highly regarded early childhood educators facilitate the natural process of how young children learn through play by setting up play materials appropriate to their development, interests, and needs, with specific learning goals in mind. The program is a valuable foundation for our children’s education.

The Mallacoota Pre-School is a vital part of its small yet flourishing community. It is managed and run by a volunteer Committee of Management primarily comprised of parents of pre-school children.

Pre-School parent volunteers have thus developed and coordinated the Mallacoota Fun Run and all money raised from the Mallacoota Fun Run will go directly to the Mallacoota Pre-School.

The Mallacoota Pre-School wishes to thank you for coming out and supporting the fun run or coming along on the day as a spectator to have a terrific day out. Thank you for your contribution to enabling the Mallacoota Pre-School to continue its fantastic work in providing a wonderful early start to our children’s education.