The Mallacoota Fun Run 2017

The 2017 Mallacoota Fun Run was a gigantic success and a real tribute to the hard work put in by the kinder parents and wider community to ensure the children in our community have the same early learning opportunities as children elsewhere. It was ideal weather conditions this year with just a sprinkle of rain to keep runners cool before race start. We had 264 participants, including 26 runners who tackled the challenging half-marathon course.

Approximately one-third of participants were locals, while runners from the Sapphire Coast dominated the line honours. Check out all the 2017 results here. The efforts of these winners and everyone who participates in the Mallacoota Fun Run are not to be sneezed at. The course is known to be very challenging (but loads of fun!) for the long distance runner with its undulating surface, sharp corners, and steep stair climbs and sand crossing.

There was so much to celebrate this year with our annual Mallacoota Fun Run! From babies to senior citizens having a go and well trained runners with serious intent, community spirited walkers enjoying the atmosphere, multiple generations within families sharing the frivolity of the day together, our pre-school and primary students experiencing the festive vibe, a race warm-up full of smiles to kick start the event, fabulous food and music to see us through the morning, massage to ease the aching muscles, supportive drummers and percussionists sharing rhythms to get the weary over the finish line, our experienced marshals, emergency services and ambulance officers taking care of the welfare of participants, stupendous sandcastle creations by children and families, a terrific rego and finish line timing team, helping hands to set-up and pack-up, and the wonderful support of individuals and businesses who back this event and the pre-school with prizes and sponsorship!

A heartfelt thank-you to everyone involved in making this event a success. Feedback from visitors says it all – “Thank you for a great day, all the volunteers were amazing, looking forward to coming back next year”, “Another great year, well done everyone”, “Thank you to all the volunteers, and congrats on a great event”, and “Was a great event; thank you to all those that volunteered, baked goods and organised such a great morning”.

With such an incredible amount of support the kinder is proud to say it made an amazing profit of around $10,000 this year. The kinder families are extremely grateful for all the support received for this event and look forward to the 6th Mallacoota Fun Run on 11th March 2018!

To view all photos of the 2017 fun run go to Vanessa Janss Photography.